Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rolls Royce with Snowplow! Seen on frozen Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior Bay, Minnesota

Gary Berry's Rolls Royce Snowplow on Lake Minnetonka. Gary is a regular at the summer Tonka Cruzers Car Club Car Shows in Excelsior, MN. He took his unique vehicle out on the ice roads of Lake Minnetonka last week.  Here is the story of this unusual car in Gary's own words:

Info provided by Gary Berry:
Some specifics on my car

1981 Rolls Royce Silver Spur originally from Germany

I bought off ebay from a dealer in florida

Through a series of unfortunate circumstance the motor blew leaving the car pretty much worthless. Rather than scrap it i held onto it to bring back to life a project i wanted to do in the early 80s when i had a 1962 rambler with a good body and bad frame and a 1976 jeep cherokee chief with a bad body. I had totally rebuilt the drivetrane in the jeep so i was going to put my rambler body on the jeep frame. That project never happened so when the Rolls became a project it seemed natural to Minnesotaize the Rolls by making it 4 wheel drive.

 I bought a 1993 suburban, tore it down to the frame and shortened it by 8"

I bought a new 4 bolt 350 chev, 4 speed truck trans and a remanufactured transferre case and have now been working and tweeking on it for about 4 years

 I still have lots of work to do but at least it is useable and a fun car to have.

Photos by Rick Meyer



  1. Ultimate recycling project - very creative and clever, bet Gary made his hat too! Thanks for sharing and hope you bring the Rolls with the Plow on to my first Car Show this year as it will surely attract attention.

    Rick Meyer - Tonka Cruzers Car Club - Excelsior

  2. Hi Tracy..I am reading your article from the past 5 minutes. Yes! I have to say its a mind game and you have done well!! Yes Rick i agree with you it will surely catch attention.Please put a switch on speeding limits. Thanks for sharing...:)