Monday, March 20, 2017

Tonka Cruzers Car Club Excelsior MN update


Hello, been a while, bet you were anxiously to read the next chapter of the Tonka Cruzers Blog or maybe gave up – well looking forward to the 2017 Car Season and by the way my ’49 is finally up and running again after a disappointing summer of problems!

Thanks to my Pit Crew cause I’m no Mechanic. My Pit Crew includes John Hardin, Gary Berry, Guy Hensen, Gary’s First Class Excelsior and Williams Towing/Flatbed Service. I will go into detail later of all the work done but for now just want to fire up the Blog so Tracy can update it with my latest Blurb – you didn’t think I am computer savvy enough to do it myself did you?

Let’s start with upcoming shows to get us Car Folk blood flowing again so here is a quick list:

44th Greater Mpls Auto Show which besides New Expensive cars there will be Collector Cars that Randy Guyer has arranged to be there.
World of Wheels is finally back and being held at the New Vikings Stadium, kind ofexpensive but should be interesting and a great way to see the stadium.
The GSTA Rod and Custom Show [Since 1954] is always a nice attraction.

Tonka Cruzers Shows for the summer stay tuned for details:

Catholic Elder Care NE Mpls [not North Mpls] finally on again – July see Flyer
Chanhassen Night Out yep in Chanhassen  - July
Wealshire Assisted Living Bloomington – August

Enough for now hope all is well with you Folks.

Be Well,
Rick Meyer (952) 474-7079
Tonka Cruzers Car Club 2017
Tracy Blog Editor

PS would anyone be interested in a Collection of Ford V8 Times magazines 1982 to 1995 – perfect shape interesting articles – let me know.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Carver Community Night Car Show at SW Transit Station 7/14/16

Since I am not doing my Car Shows anymore, I am getting requests for cars for certain events in the Twin Cities area. Here is an event this Thursday put on by the Carver Southwest Transit Station.

Attached is the flyer for the Carver Community night 5 to 8pm Thursday July 14, 2016.

Should be a fun Event and is easy to get to! Hwy 212 to the Fleet Farm exit only take a left at the top of the exit Jonathan Carver Parkway [Cty 11] go back over the bridge over 212 a short drive to Ironwood Drive and take a right down to the entrance to the parking lot - easy!

Note: just think you can go to Fleet Farm when you leave - kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak.

Any questions shot me an email or give me a call,

Rick Meyer 612-750-6197

Tonka Cruzers Car Club

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Excelsior Car Show Update, Concours Show, and Rick & Mildred in the News


Well just a quick email about my Saturday Car Shows in Excelsior - due to the City raising my Permit Fee from $550 to $7000 I will not be having them any more! See below a link to a news clip from Kare 11 for somewhat of an explanation. Sorry to have to quit but it was out of my hands.

Thank you all who have attended and enjoyed and to all the businesses in town who have generously donated gift certificates that I have been able to offer as Door Prizes - it has been fun! Thanks for the regulars and all the "new" attendees that have been my pleasure to meet. See you at the shows on Saturdays I have not been able to attend.

Sunday the 5th I participated in the 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance which was a really fun event which included many side events - Cocktail Party at the Chan AutoMotorplex Friday evening, a Trip to the Veit Auto Museum Saturday [this is an amazing place] and the Show on Sunday at the Commons in Excelsior looking out on Lake Minnetonka.

I have also included a few links to some other sites that you might find interesting.

Enjoy your Summer and keep checking my Blog for the latest updates

Rick Meyer
Tonka Cruzers Car Club

These three articles are interviews with Rick Meyer that appeared in local newspapers:

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

No More regular Car Shows in Excelsior Tonka Cruzers Car Club


Sorry I haven't been doing any updates lately but Tracy has added a few.

No more Car Shows Saturday mornings because the permit on Public Land use went from $550 to $7000 - Excelsior is trying to limit Events in town - but I think they should Grandfather in the Events which have been going on through the previous years!

So what I plan on doing is some special events at different locations and maybe one or two Assisted Living event as I have done in the past. Who knows - continue to read the Blog and I will provide some interesting articles for your pleasure.

I will have my '49 in the Concours Show this Sunday so that should be fun.

Check the Lakeshore Weekly News May 31st Edition as Mildred and I are the front page and will be in the Sun Newspaper and Chanhassen Villager Thursday - lucky me, kinda fun - let me know if you want my autograph.

Below are some various sites to checkout.

Thank you to all that have attended my Car Shows and other Events in the past, it has been fun getting to know you and your great cars, see you at the shows I have been missing. Remember the Flea Market on Saturdays and Christkindlsmarkt the 3 days after Thanksgiving.

Rick Meyer
Tonka Cruzers Car Club

PS I also thank all the merchants in Excelsior for providing the gift certificates that I have handed out at my shows, most generous of them to provide them. Also last year for the three businesses that helped pay for the City Permit for me last year - Gary's First Class, Excelsior Brewery and Excelsior Coin shop on 2nd street!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thank you to all & info about Excelsior Christkindlsmarkt this coming weekend!


A big thank you to all who brought their "Rides" to my Excelsior Car Shows during the summer of 2015 in some cases rain or shine to share with each other and the general public! Thanks also to my sponsors who helped pay for the City of Excelsior Permit to use a public lot - yep it ain't free and will the fee will increase next year!

Sponsors include the following - Excelsior Brewing Co., Gary's 1st Class, Excelsior Coin, Joey Novas and Kowalski's - and next year the City is raising the permit prices.
I can't forget all the businesses that provided gift certificates that were handed out as a drawing at the end of my shows hope the winners enjoyed them.

As some of you know I am involved in a Event group that puts on the Flea Market/Car Show/Christkindlsmarkt in Excelsior. Please check out the below request for volunteers for the Big Event that we need volunteers for the 3 days after Thanks Giving - Christkindlsmarkt a very fun event and when you volunteer your name will be put in a raffle for a chance at the many prizes mentioned below.

Even if you don't volunteer please plan on attending the Festival to do some Christmas shopping for unique gifts, get something to eat see the Reindeer and Alpaca, bring your children or Grandchildren to see Santa on the Trolley - lots to do and see - fun, fun!

Have a great Thanksgiving,
Rick Meyer
Tonka Cruzers Car Club - Excelsior 

.....Need volunteers to sign up ASAP......


The Christkindlsmarkt is running Thanksgiving weekend, next week!, open Fri through Sunday Nov 27-Nov 29.  Check it out at
I’m writing to ask if you would like to volunteer at this year’s event.  Maybe spend some time shopping and then volunteer? ~ 2 hour time slots are available.
Please go to signup genius to sign up or reply to this email with your name, phone, and email address. Anyone who volunteers is eligible to be entered in a drawing for raffle prizes:
1.  A Catering Pack from Joey Nova's value $105.00
4 gallons of Deck Arbour Coat Solid Stain, premixed Excelsior Beige
      from Excelsior Paint & Design  value $240.00.
3. Hazellewood & Tavern 4&5 Gift cards $50.00   -- 2 prizes
4. Joey Nova's Gift Cards  $50.00   2  prizes
5. Hazellewood & Tavern 4&5  Gift Cards   $ 25.00 -- 2 prizes
6. Joey Nova's Gift Cards $25.00 -- 10 prizes
7. Joey Nova's pizza Tokens -- 50 tokens
8. Excelsior Christkindlsmarkt signature vintage print of Excelsior Christmas-- 2@ value each $125.00
Event organizer Myrle M. Mackenzie, 952-292-8898
Volunteer today - Sign up Genius  :
Thanks and hope to see you there as a festival attendee and/or volunteer!